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Ordos Adventure Challenge Day 1

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
A first limited report from China and Ordos Adventure Challenge just arrvied by SMS from Martin located somewhere in the Inner Mongolian desert. “We finished the last stage at day 1 at the same time as New Zeeland teams Adventure Sport NZ & Team Seagate. The first stage started with a pursuit start with 1 minute between teams, we had start number 5 and Seagate and Adventure Sport NZ had start number 1 and 3 which means that we started 5 respectively 2 minutes behind. The finnish team did good behind us. We hope that we can push hard on the long desert running (35km) tomorrow. The race is located at Ordos City in Inner Mongolian, the race consists of 5 stages over 5 days. Day 1: 60km kayaking, 22km MTB, 18km desert running Day 2: 35km desert running Day 3: 5km horse riding biathlon, 95km MTB, 5km running Day 4: 19km canyon run, rope skill, 43km MTB, 20km kayaking Day 5: 20km MTB, 5km kayaking, 3km city running
Stay tuned for more reports. /Fredrik

Baise Outdoor Quest: Victory stage 1!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012
We had a good day today and managed win the first stage of the prestigious Baise Outdoor Quest 2012 in China. The first day began with a fast running stage in the central parts of host city Baise, there was some obstacles along the course where all teams were required to manage. We had already lost about 30 sec on team Redbull & Kolumb who sprinted in a high pace meanwhile we where holding our pace plan for this stage. At the transition to mtb we came up with the leading teams. We left the transition with team Peak from Australia and team Kolumb from China. We where the strongest team and could get up in front and stretch out the lead to the other teams. The lead was 8min at the next transition, which where mountain trailrunning course which ended up in a 2km long cave. Where nice to get inside the cool cave, because it is very hot outside. After the cave we abseiled 80 meter down to another cave and did a short sprint to the finishline. Tomorrow will be a hard day with: 1. Swimming 500meters 2. Kayak 12km (estimated fastest time 90min) 3. MTB 32km with an evelation of 2500meter (estimated fastest time 150min) 4. Rest 15min 5. Stair running 7.5km (estimated fastest time 80min) 6. Adventure skills (estimated fastest time 10min) 7. Running 2.5km. Result from day 1: 1. Thule Adventure Team, Sweden 2. Team XX, China, +10min 3. Team Kolumb, China +12min 4. Team Peak, Australia, +15min 5. Team Chapionsystem, HongKong, +32min 6. Team Redbull, Asia International, +45min 7. Team, Finland, +1.02h

Baise Outdoor Quest

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
The team are in China preparing for the Baise Outdoor Quest which starts tomorrow. On the first day Martin,Jacky,Mimi & Marcel will face : Stage 1: 1. Running 6.5km + adventure skills ( estimated fastest time 45min ) 2. MTB 27km with a elevation of 2000meters ( estimated fastest time 120min ) 3. Running 1.5km, 100meter of elevation (estmiated fastest time 7min ) 4. Rest station, 15minutes (minimum time) 5. Running 15km, 1200meter of elevation ( estimated fastest time 120min ) 6. Adventure skills, 2km (estimated fastest time 20min)

Martin Flinta

Friday, January 22nd, 2010
Swedish Multisport Champion