Eva Nyström

When did you start multisporting? I am a former cross-country skier. When I stopped racing I continued to train and after a couple of years it felt natural to try out Multisporting. I think my first race was in 1999-2000. What is your favourite discipline? Uphill running. In which way do you feel that you can improve the most? In everything, but especially my technical skills in for example downhill mtb. What does being a member of Thule Adventure Team mean to you? That I have achieved a successful comeback in multisport after have been concentrating on triathlon, duathlon and cycling for the last few years. The reason for my comeback is the team and that I have got the chance to race with the best racers in the world! Which is your favourite Thule product? Thule Hydroglide 873. What are your goals and ambitions for 2011? To win and to be a winner! How do you prepare for a race? I train, rest, and prepare my equipment. I research the race, and prepare myself mentally. If there is any special skill needed I try to train for that. What does a typical week look like for you in terms of work and training? I train 15-25 hours a week, mostly running, cycling, kayaking and swimming. It all depends on the season and my next important race. Do you travel to train or is your home environment enough for you? My home environment is good enough. We live next to a lake and we also have really good tracks and roads for running and cycling. What is your best/worst memory from a race? The worst memory is when I got sick in China and we couldn’t end the race. The best is the in Malaysia when Martin and I won the whole race and beat some really good all-men teams. Do you listen to music whilst training? I don’t listen to music whilst training outside, but when I train indoors on my ergometer bike I watch a movie or TV. What is your passion, your drive? To be a good multisporter. I am much better when I race than when I train. I try to never give up. Do you think about what you eat? I eat almost all food.

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