When did you start multisporting? I took up Multisport in 1998, after six years of competing in triathlon. My first race was the Åre Extreme Challenge. What is your favourite discipline? I actually like them all! But kayaking in moving water is great fun! In which way do you feel that you can improve the most? In everything! But especially the technical skills in every discipline. I think my new teammates will teach me a lot in all disciplines. What does being a member of Thule Adventure Team mean to you? It’s a great chance to race with the best multisport/Adventure athletes in the world! Which is your favourite Thule product? My contractable kajak holder, the Thule 835 Hull-a-Port PRO What are your goals and ambitions for 2013? That’s easy – to win every race! How do you prepare for a race? I trying to keep a high level of training for all races, but if there’s a race demanding special skills I try to train those a little extra. And if one discipline is especially important in a race, for example the kayaking and sand trekking in the Abu Dhabi adventure, I’ll that an extra effort in training. What does a typical week look like for you in terms of work and training? Depending on the race and when it is, up to 30 hours per week, mainly split between Running, Biking and Kayaking. Swimming to if a Triathlon race is coming up. Do you travel to train or is your home environment enough for you? I train from home – we have everything we need within 10m from our house. But at least one day a week I take the car for some open sea kayaking. What is your best/worst memory from a race? Being sick from food poisoning in China last year, and all the times when we’ve got lost! Do you listen to music whilst training? No – I can’t concentrate on what signals my body sends me if I have music playing. But in wintertime when I train inside on my ergometer bike and kayak machine I sometimes watch tv or a movie. What is your passion, your drive? I enjoy being outside and to push myself further and harder than many many other athletes can endure. Do you think about what you eat? Yes, I eat everything Not just pasta!