The Team
The Thule Adventure Team consists of some of the worlds best multisport athletes, they have an impressive list of accomplishments, include 2 titles in the Adventure Racing World Championship. They will spare no effort in their goal to become the No1 team in the world. Each and every one of them training meticulously 30-40 hours a week, building world class stamina and refining techniques in the different disciplines and challenges thrown at them. Thule Adventure Team will compete together in, typically, 10-12 races a year, travelling the world in search of adventure and the ultimate adrenaline rush. For the team members, it’s all about pushing their physical and mental limits further and further forward.

The Team and Thule
The world of Multisport and Thule as a company have a few common denominators that make the collaboration between the company and the sport, unique. The obvious ones are, of course, the simple need for smart, carefree transportation of cargo, expensive bikes, winter sport equipment and long kayaks. And in our mutual quest for excellence, we both bring to the table qualities such as endurance, durability and, well, quality. The more specific characteristics are the love for the great outdoor experience, extreme sports of endurance and the always present will to be No 1 – and the match between Thule and the world of Multisports is a given.

Thule is the world’s leading company when it comes to Sports and Utility Transportation. Active people all over the planet, amateurs as well as professionals, use our designed, hi-quality solutions to transport equipment to their adventure of choice. Thule’s good looking, highly specialized products, make sure the equipment you need, to achieve the adrenaline rush you long for or the tranquility you desire, gets there. Safely, easily and in style.