Myriam Guillot

When did you start multisporting?
My first experience in adventure racing was in Canada for the World Championship in 2006. The girl in one team was injured one month before the race, and the team asked to me to race with them. It was a really great experience for me, and now I don’t want to stop multisporting!

What is your favourite discipline?
I enjoy all the sports – that’s why I love the adventure races

In which way do you feel that you can improve the most?
I especially like the technical skills. I love to learn and I’m very lucky because all the time I race with my boyfriend who is very strong :) Also, my new team-mates will teach me a lot in all disciplines.

What does being a member of Thule Adventure Team mean to you?
I’m very happy to be a member of Thule Adventure Team since this team has a great image and is serious, professional and competitive.

Which is your favourite Thule product?
The Thule Hull-a-Port Pro. It’s very ingenious when you are a small girl like me!

What are your goals and ambitions for 2011?
Lots and lots of goals for me! I want to win the World Championship with Thule Adventure Team and have a lot of fun.

How do you prepare for a race?
It’s a secret! No, it’s very different and depends on the race. That’s why training for the adventure races is so fun and never boring. Each week, I can do riding, paddling, running, orienteering, swimming, climbing, skating…

What does a typical week look like for you in terms of work and training?
Normally, I train 30-35 hours each week. Sometimes it’s more paddling, or it’s more riding or more running. But each week, I try to do all these sports.

Do you travel to train or is your home environment enough for you?
No, where we live (Font Romeu, in France) it’s really perfect because the weather is beautiful all the time and it’s at 2.000m elevation. Except during the winter, when I prefer to train in Empuriabrava in Spain, because it’s at sea level and you can train every day.

What is your best/worst memory from a race?
I have a lot of good memories from races. I’m very lucky because I race with very friendly team-mates and with my boyfriend!

Do you listen to music whilst training?
Never, I prefer to be focussed when I’m training. But I love to listen to music the rest of time.

What is your passion, your drive?
I want to be outdoors all the time and to respect nature.

Do you think about what you eat?
Yes, of course because I love the good food after training hard. And during all of my training, I normally think about what I want to eat afterwards. But normally I prefer organic food and vegetables. And every morning I drink a big glass from my new soya milk maker!

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