When did you start multisporting? 1998 What is your favourite discipline? Navigation, but I like them all. In which way do you feel that you can improve the most? Increase my speed. What does being a member of Thule Adventure Team mean to you? Being able to do what I like best in the most competitive team in Sweden. Which is your favourite Thule product? Thule Hull-a-Port kayak carrier What are your goals and ambitions for 2011? Being on the podium in all multisport races I do. How do you prepare for a race? Mentally I start preparing myself long before, while fixing the gear and figuring out the tactics of the race. Physically I make sure to rest and sleep more the week before the race to make sure my body is fully recovered and ready to perform at its best. What does a typical week look like for you in terms of work and training? The first half of 2011 I will be home with our son, so no work. During the week I do shorter, faster training sessions and in the weekends I do longer… Do you travel to train or is your home environment enough for you? I usually start from home – we have a big lake and forests nearby. What is your best/worst memory from a race? My worst memory is when I got sick in a race and couldn’t eat for 24 hours. Among the best memories is when we finished 2nd in the world championships in Canada. Do you listen to music whilst training? No, I usually don’t. What is your passion, your drive? I love to compete and the fact that the races take me to many beautiful places. Do you think about what you eat? Yes I try to choose organic and fair-trade food as much as possible, but sometimes I also eat fast food.