Jacky Boisset

When did you start multisporting?
My first experience in adventure racing was in 2000 in France ā€“ a 2h race and I finished with a lot of cramp …

What is your favourite discipline?
Mountain running with heavy backpack.

In which way do you feel that you can improve the most?
I learn and get more experience on every race because they are all different.
In adventure racing you can learn a lot about team building, team mates, and leading a team.

What does being a member of Thule Adventure Team mean to you?
For me a goal of being a member of Thule Adventure Team is to win the Adventure Race World Championship, thanks to a serious, fair team with a friendly spirit.

Which is your favourite Thule product?
I like the kayak carrier Thule 874, because I can put my kayak on the roof and travel far away to find a good spot for paddling.

What are your goals and ambitions for 2011?
For 2011, I want a strong and friendly team, to share the beauty of life and enjoy amazing scenery all over the world. In 2011 Iā€™d like to win the Adventure Race World Championship ā€“ and lots of other races.

How do you prepare for a race?
Every race is different, but most of the time I practice running, biking and kayaking. I prefer the trip training when I just take my backpack, lot of food and go …

What does a typical week look like for you in terms of work and training?
I think there is no typical week because my training depends on the weather, the mates who can train with me, and what I feel like … Most of the time I do one hard training per day and one recovery training. I have one day off to watch a movie.

Do you travel to train or is your home environment enough for you?
I live with Myriam and I can only agree with her!

What is your best/worst memory from a race?
My worst memory during a race was sleeping for 4 hours at 2.500m in the mountains, in cold weather with lots of rain and wind, 4 people in a tent made for 3, with water coming along my back and in my underwear ā€¦ When we were to start moving again everybody was totally frozen.
One of my best memories was the sunrise and the truly unreal scenery during a horrible biking section on top of the mountain, after 10 hours of carrying the bike!

Do you listen to music whilst training?
I want to find a small speaker to attach to my backpack so that I can listen to music during my long rides.

What is your passion, your drive?
To reach as far as possible in adventure racing with our serious and fair team.
I try my best to be very careful with nature and the Earth; it’s very important for me.

Do you think about what you eat?
I like to cook vegetables and meat at home. For my race food I follow the advice from my nutritionist Anthony Berthou.

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