New SignUp, Helena Erbenova

2015-01-01   “This fall Team Thule Adventure Team decided to recruit some new team members. We’re excited to introduce and welcome the following new athletes to the team in 2015 … Helena Erbenova from Czech Rebublic. Helena is born and raised in Jablonec nad Nisou, the Crosscountry Skiing Mecca in Czech, where she currently also live, train and take care of her little 4 years girl Maja. Helena was a professional crosscountry skier to after she competing in her second Olympic Games in Turin. Best Olympic Games result come in Salt Lake City, 4th place in the relay. Then Helena got Maja and instead of going back to skiing she started with winter triathlon and Xterra/Cross triathlon. Three World Champions titles later Helena looking forward to new challenges! “The first time Helena represented us were in Wuhan Outdoor Quest last year, the first ever multisport race for Helena. She managed the press and we took unthreatened a convincing 3rd place in a world class field .. After that we set up a team with Helena to Rembau Challenge in Malaysia and won. Helena show both technical skills, speed and endurance. We now look forward to first race as a offical team member with Helena. Andalucia Bike Race, witch start already tomorrow, Sunday! Then the prestigious Baise Outdoor Quest in China 24-28 april. Helena is a powerful and quit racer, she never talk or are any problem in the team, she just doing her job and her doing it really well. More about Helena Helena is a offroad triathlete with many skills and except being a strong biker and runner she also compete in rollerski (2nd in the European champs). Here is some other great results from Helena: 2012, 2013 World Championship winter triathlon, !st 2013 World Championship Cross triathlon !st 2012 Europeas Championship Cross triatlpn !st 2012 European Championship Winter triathlon 1st 2007 World cup Cross county skiing ,15 km Skating,Rybinsk,Rus.13 2-times winner of overall standing Xterra European Tour 13 victories in Xterra World Cup 2011 World Championship, X-terra Mauii 3rd ( More about our sign ups and photos on

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