2nd Place AIM

We made a good race in AIM, resulting in second place behind the home team, Team my Skistar, with among the ancient Nordic champion in MTB, Tony Anderson. When we got the maps in the starting moment, we saw that much of the high points long in the mountains. So we chose to start with these, but it was hard ridden. In two places we chose to run to some checkpoints on the mountains. When we be ready with the controls on the mountain we had only around 2 hours left of the six hours to try and take the rest of the high points controls in our route of choice, which meant that we ended up short of time and had to skip some good(15p) checkpions, and instead just try to get finished before 16:00:00, when a late sec would result in time penalty. The winners chose instead to completely skip the mountains controls and instead tried to rest, by cycling to most controls. Big congratulation to Team my Skistar from us! We had some fun and it was good training in the mountains, so we are happy anyway!

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