Victory in Wet Rock Race for Eva, Martin and Thule Adventure Team

Eva and Martin won the prestigious Wet Rock Race and even beat course record for the mixed group and last year’s overol track record. But three male teams were a little faster in the 60 groups strong line up this year

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  1. Sami Aaraj

    Bra genomfört, vi jagade Er, men tappade på simmningen, vi är dock väldigt nöjda med en total 5:e placering och placeringen efter Er. Nästa år skall vi börja med crawl och hoppas komma bättre till, precis som Ni vill antar jag :-)

    • Martin

      Tack och bra kört av er med, Wet Rock Race är in vårt huvud fokus utan bara en kul tävling som passade in mellan allt annat, vi får se hur det passar in nästa år. Vi kan crawla men med skor så går det lika fort för mig att simma bröstsim, då man inte har nytta av frisimsbensparken vid crawl med skor. I Ö-Ö och Ö-loppet är Dolme och paddlar tillåtet, där har man större nytta av att kunna crawla. Lycka till vad ni än förtar er!

  2. Druce

    I read that you guys are looking for the ultimate adventure…cool…I think me and my paddle partner can beat any 2 thule paddlers in this event EvergladesChallenge….here is a short story


    DAY 1: The Competitors show up early for a 7:00 am start. Everyone is
    looking generally south at the first 10 kilometer crossing of Tampa Bay and
    hoping the weather forecast will be wrong. It’s predicted for 10-20 knot
    winds out of the southeast shifting midday to south. The forecast is not
    wrong and the first 30 hours of the race are headwinds! So it is tough, but
    its a tough field and what can not be avoided must be endured.
    Although the headwinds turn leg 1 into a full on sea battle, other things
    are occurring. By midday you reach Sarasota and get your first taste of the
    beautiful aquamarine waters, they are so beautiful they take your mind off
    of all else. Add in a few dolphin sightings and things are all good. Later
    that night we hit CP1 45 minutes behind Artie-0 the course record holder who
    is cranking it out in his Rauhine Ocean-X. We say to ourselves, he’s in
    catching distance. We paddle on through the night (fortunately, the winds
    peter out for a few hours) and fall a little short of our first bivy,
    paddling into the headwinds for 14 hours put a slight hurting on us (and I
    would say the whole field). We catch 3 hours of shut eye.

    DAY 2/3/4: We wake up to find the winds have come back with a vengeance. We
    must alter our plans for going around Sanibel island and head for Point
    Yanel, trying to get a better angle on the wind. We arrive at Point Yanel
    and its time for the big crossing. To our luck the winds shift to westerly
    and give us a slight aid as we head to Big Marco Island, once again we are
    in the middle of the most beautiful imaginable waters. Mesmerizingly
    beautiful. We get to Big Marco around midnight and have about 40 miles to
    finish off leg 2, so we decide to push for it. I can’t quite make it without
    a little rest, so we stop on an unnamed key in the 10,000 island area and
    rest for 45 minutes, we also put on warmer gear. We get up and finish leg 2
    to Chokoloskee around 10 am on day 3. We are dead tired, but extremely
    excited to find we’ve put 25 miles on Artie-0, the thrill of a potential
    victory is upon us and we can’t sleep, so we jump back into Sunshine (our
    boat) and start paddling.
    All adventure racers should recognize how we feel at this point, our
    spirits are soaring and the combination of that and sleep deprivation has
    left us in one of those really, really good moods. We are laughing and
    talking and enjoying the view, the waters along the Everglades coast are
    lime green (a color I haven’t seen until now!) and it seems like things just
    can’t get any better and then what happens, we see a full grown pair of sea
    turtles getting some air, no more than 3 meters away, so we hit the brakes
    and enjoy the moment. Oh yeah, the winds have shifted and are now at our
    right rear!! We decide to bank an hour and a half of sleep while it is
    daytime and warmer. We get up and paddle through the night heading to the
    Little Shark River and the next amazing thing happens. We find ourselves in
    seemingly magic waters, the stream line of our boat and all paddle strokes
    are glowing an Indigo Blue like something off of the movie Avatar, for 4
    HOURS!! How Cool!! Apparently there is a plankton that glows when physically
    interacted with. Sometimes your in the right place at the right time!!
    Things continue to line up for us, we hit Little Shark River 2.5 hours into
    the flood and gain some tidal love. We make our goal of paddling all night
    to a chickee and do some ninja or stealth camping. We sleep an hour and
    finish off leg 3 to Flamingo, the southern most point of the Everglades
    National Park. Computers are down and we have no way of knowing where
    Artie-0 or the other bad ass paddlers are, so we have to do the unthinkable,
    we have to jump back in our boat and paddle across Florida bay against a 16
    hour ebb (tide not in your favor) and 25 knot sustained headwinds. It takes
    us 27 hours to paddle 35 fucking miles and its probably the hardest thing
    I’ve ever done and the angriest I’ve ever been. That being said the waters
    in Florida Bay must rank top 5 in the world for beauty, Ican’t even describe
    the color, you simply must see it.

    This is one of the best races in the world in terms of difficulty and
    beauty, its cheap at $350 per person and for anyone afraid of sitting in a
    kayak for that long, thats not an issue the body adapts!! Hope to see you

    Druce Finlay
    Kayak Lake Mead

    hope to see you there

  3. Cassi

    Dear Thule,

    We’ve compiled a list of adventure racing resources and information and thought you’d like to know that we’ve included your website on our page. You can view the article at
    Please let us know if you have any questions! We hope you enjoy!

    Cassi, Writer