The team is moving towards the finishline

Thule Adventure Team is slated to finish sometime in the wee hours of the morning if their race continues to go as seemingly flawlessly as it is now. ( And they are still in first position!! The ranking right now: 1. Thule (34) 2. Dart nuun SportMulti (18) 3. Team Sole (13) 4. Pentathlon Des Neiges/Processia (1) 5. Salomon Trail Tour (2) 6. Clinque du Pied Equilibre (14) 7. Untamed NE (3) 8. Mundial St-Raymond (24) 9. Odyssey Adventure (27) 10.TeamSOG (3) ( update saturday 8.15, local swedish time)

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  1. Fredrik Ö

    Another great performance. Impressive!!

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