Hard times

This post is not about the tough training or a tough competition, it´s about tough time at home. I have been injured in the back of the right thighs since Powerman Germany three weeks ago. Can swim and bike, for two weeks now, which is lucky otherwise I do not know;-) But yesterday in the pouring rain, I managed to crash with my road bike. “Received” my right arm / elbow. My first thought was, ‘No. I can not swim either …. Second thought was – but I was going to ride 4.5 hours. This happened after only five minutes. But it was only to return home. Blessing in disguise, it was nothing worse than a few sores and bruises. So today I have both been swimming and biking! Tomorrow me and Simon are going to the north of Sweden to my parents. For vacation and training. Martin, Peter, Mimi and Jacky go west to the United States to compete. More information about this will come. /Eva

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