Taining International Mountain Quest Challenge: Victory day 2!

Victory on day 2 and stretched total lead! On the first MTB leg today we and team AXA-Adiddas pushed hard from the beginning and got a gap to the other teams. We tried to shake off AXA-Adiddas at the first climb but misjudged the elevetion a bit, we got 30-40 sec direct but the climb was longer than we tought so at the top AXA-Adiddas had gained the 30-40 sec. We followed each other to the transition. Then we shifted to the kayak leg and it was one of the coolest paddling stages i have ever made, says Martin after day 2 :-) At this leg we managed to shake off AXA-Adiddas and got a 2min lead, which we had extened to 3min at the transition to abseiling. We was surprised by the last leg, according to the roadbook the last trailrun was supposed to be 2km but it showed up to be 12km!! It was a tough stage which toke almost an hour to complete and at the end we was out of water. Was it hard for us then it was hard for the others. Now we are looking forward to the last day tomorrow. If we can hold good on the MTB stage then we have a good position for the final :-) Results day 2: 1. Thule Adventure Team, 4.54.04 2. Team Axa Adidas, 4.59.24 3. China Geology University, 5.37.26 Total: 1. Thule Adventure Team 2. team Axa Adidas, + 15:09 min 3. China Geology University: +1.09.37 h Day 3 and final stage waits: 1. 46km MTB (estimated time 2:40h, lots of upphill) 2. Abseiling from a bridge and swimming to shore 3. 16.5km Biathlon, 2 runs & 2 bicycle 4. Kayak 12.5km countercurrent paddle. 5. Running 7km

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