Taining International Mountain Quest Challenge: Victory and in yellow!

Taining International Mountain Quest Challenge started good for Thule Adventure Team, double victory and in yellow jerseys :-) Day 1 started of with a prologue containing 3km tribike (chinese bicycle taxi). We had some trouble in the begining with the chain which constantly fell off, but there where no idea to stop and fix it, it went aleast as fast by pushing the tribike. We lost about 40-50 seconds on that stage and were on 7th place when the bike stage began. We pushed hard and at the transition to kayak we where on 3rd posistion. We had a nice flow on the paddling and passed leading AXA-Adiddas half thru this stage. Out on the last running stage we had a 1 minute gap to AXA-Adiddas and at the finished we had strected the lead by 2 min to AXA-Adiddas and team Peak Australia. After 40min there was a re-start. The same run stage back to the kayaks as in the finishing leg of the prologue, the chinise teams Kolumb and China Geology University pushed really hard and we where the only team that could follow them in the high pace. On the bikes we tried to hang of them direct without success, so we decided to get a good position in the peleton och attacked once more just before the first hill, this time with success :-) We got a nice lead with AXA-Adiddas chasing behind. It was a very technical mtb stage with lots of nice singletracks and an amazing surrounding landscape. At the transition to kayak we had a 1:30 minute lead to AXA-Adiddas on second place. The kayak stage ended up in a canyon where we shifted to trailrunning. The following trailrunning stage is absolute one of the coolest runs i have ever made, says Martin. With canyons and steeps on each side on the trails. Times on this stage it was knee high with water and most of the time the stage was nice hilly and technical. Jacky feel bad on this stage and injured his shoulder but pushed hard although pain. At the finish we was 6min ahead AXA-Adiddas closed follow by team Peak Australia. At the total we are on lead with almost 9 minutes after day 1. Results day 1: 1. Thule Adventure Team, 5:10:40 2. Team Axa Adidas, 5:19:35 3. Teak Peak Australia, 5:21:38 Tomorrow on day 2 we will face: 1. 46km MTB (estimated fastest time 150min, technical and uphill) 2. 9km Kayak (estimated fastest time 55min) 3. 2km Running & abseiling (20 + 10min) 4. Running 3km, technical trailrunning.

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