Taining International Mountain Quest Challenge 2012

Tomorrow we will start in this year second big stage race here in China, the Taining International Mountain Quest Challenge 2012! We is are approximately 100km north from Baise, “The world Natural Heritage, Global Geopark and one of the top ten charming towns in China” it says in the guide book. In the morning will start off with a short prologue which is estimated for 1 hour and when all teams have finished we will start a longer stage which is esitmated to 4 hours. Stages for day1: Prologue: 1. 200 meter running 2. 3km TriBike (which is not a Triathlon bike ;-), in this case it is a bicycle taxi, in which 1 will push, 2 will sit in the back and one will pedaling) 3. 5km MTB 4. 7km Paddling in rapids 5. 7km Upphill running Stage 1 (which will start directly when all teams have finished the prologue): 1. 7km Running 2. 18km MTB (most of the stage uphill) 3. 10km Paddling in an pond. 4. 4km Uphill running Besides us here there is 20 other teams including, Swedish team AXA-Adiddas, Australian team Peak and two top teams from China, Kolumb & China Geology Universty.

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