Baise Outdoor Quest: VICTORY!!

Victory on the final stage 3 today and winners overall in the 2012 edition of Baise Outdoor Quest!!! The final stage began with a short but nice and technical paddling, some rapids and a very big mountain arch that we paddel thru. The teams started with 30sec between depending on their posistion. We was the first team of and kept our place the whole stage. The stage after the kayak was a running stage with a elevation of 1000 meter and today as the other days it was where hot outside. Mimi “mountain goat” set of in a very high pace uphill, we guys had to push hard to keep up with Mimi 😉 Finally at the top of the 1000 meters there where a mandatory reststation. Just a couple of minutes after we arrived the Chinese team China Geology University came in to the station. Team China Geology University is fulltime pros within the multisport, if they keep develop thier skills they will be among the top teams. Fact, the girl in this chinese team has a personal best of 2:32 on the marathon distance. We shall be happy that we kept them behind us. The final day ended up with a long MTB stage with some really long gradients, where one steep with an elevation of 300 meters where we hade to push our bikes uphill and thru the terrain. In the middle of this stage there was a adventure skill, it was a puzzle that where needed to complete. It took only 1 minute to complete, so half of the team took care of the bikes when the other 2 puzzeld :-) To win here in China has been one of Thule Adventure Teams big goals since we started up the team in 2009. The race here in Baise is one of our favorite races, relative short stages (6-7 hours) and varying & beautiful nature. Also there are decisive stages. Nice staying and good food here in Baise aswell. Results day 3: 1. Thule Adventure Team 5.43.15 2. China Geology University(Beijing). 6.02.24 3. Team Champion System 6.06.29 Total result: 1. Thule Adventure Team 18.09.13 2. China Geology University(Beijing), 18.58.40 3. Kolumb, China: 19.10.08 4. Team Peak Adventure, Australia: 19.24.52 5. Team Champion System: 19.42.02 6. Team, 21.32.53 7. Team RedBull. 21.36.59

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