Baise Outdoor Quest: Victory stage 2!

Victory on stage 2 today and still in the lead!

Day 2 began with a swimming stage where all team were given car tubes to use together with life jackets. The finnish team found a good technique and got 2-3 minutes lead on this starting stage. At the transition to the kayak we where 2nd together with chinese team Kolumb and team Peak right behind. We caught up up the finnish team after 3/4 of the kayak stage. The final part of the stage they where laying on our wave to the transition. Both Kolumb & Peak are paddling hard just a couple minutes behind. The MTB stage consisted of approximately 90% upphill. In the middle of the stage information where given that we where required to carry our bikes for 4km along a dried river bed. When we got the top of this stage both team Kolumb & Peak had nearly caught up with us. We decide to push hard the last 15km to the reststation, we had not pushed that hard the first part of this stage so we had a couple of gears extra. We wanted to have running strong team Kolumb as far behind as possible before the trailrunning stage. Team Kolumb pushed a little bit to hard, when we had reached and rested the mandatory 15min Kolumb came in to the reststation for the mandatory rest. The final stage of day 2 where a 10km trailrunning, more than half of this stage where stair running uphill. With both much uphill & a temprature above 30 degress made this stage very hard, but we had a nice flow and pushed hard all the way. At the end of this stage we had strecthed more than 5 minutes more on team Kolumb. Tomorrow on day 3 we will face: 1. Kayak 9km, with rapids. 2. Uphill running 8km (estimated fastest time 80min) 3. MTB 34km (with a lot of elevation ūüėČ ) 4. Adventure Skills 5. MTB 17km (Technical course, estimated fastest time 50min) 6. Running 2km Result day 2: 1. Thule Adventure Team, Sweden, 7:12:42 2. Team Kolumb, China, 7:31:19 3. China Geology University, Beijing, 7:34:03 4. Team Champion System, HongKong, 7:38:16 5. Peak Adventure, Australia, 7:44:58 6. Team, Finland, 8:19:32

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