Keep going and done!!!

Like we have explained you few days ago, this week-end for us it was our last big appointment in Australia : the australian 24h mtb Championship. For us it was a new challenge, riding during 24h on a technical loop of 11km and this alone!!! No team, no support crew, just alone with your bike. Everybody were very exciting about us, of course we are the World Champions in Adventure race!!! But we can tell you, it’s not the same sport, it looks like similar but totally different!!! For this event, you can have 2 or more bikes per person, you can have support crew who give you at each lap your food and energy drink, your timing…and it’s very interesting to see all this organization, really professional!!! But doesn’t matter, we are adventure racers, and our power comes from to be able to adapt in all the situations, so after 24h of mtb and 30 loops for Jacky or 330 km and 29 loops for me or 319 km, we have done!!! Jacky arrived 7th overall and 3rd in 30-34 and me i won the Australian 24h mtb Championship :) Of course, no yellow and green jersey for me (i’m french) but i won my place for the World!!! So, a really great week-end with a lot of good memories, with a lot of new knowledge, and new victory for Thule Adventure Team!!! A special big thanks at Subaru and Thule Australia, because it was so comfortable to drive for 1600km in this Outback Subaru with all the perfect Thule gears!!! We like our WC car!!! Now, China arrives soon and we are excited to race again together… Jacky and Mimi

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