Coast 2 Coast, we have done!!!

Not the best result for Jacky and me, but a really great race. In fact, if you are foreigner it’s very hard and you must follow other racers during the mountain run!!! So, great 4th place for me, 2nd before the last bike, but this last section was so windy and so flat for the little Mimi!!! But good new, a special prize for me (smiling prize) and now a lot of new New Zealander fans :) A lot of memories and we have learnt too many for the next time, don’t worry, we will come back for 2 victories. Now let’s go for new adventures in Australia, and next week-end 100k in Mountain bike for the big event “Kona Odysée race” Thanks Thule New Zealand for your support and thanks at all our helpers (Nathan Fa’ave, Richard Ussher, James Parry and Danial Kremmer…)

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