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Here in Gothenburg, Sweden it´s winter.
It has been cold and little snow, but last night there come more snow.
I really like the cold and snow but it’s a bit hard and especially cold to bike far outside.
Fortunately, we have a really nice exercise bike indoors that I use almost daily.
Not as fun and variety like riding a bike outside but but what do you not for some good training.
Running in the snow and cold is no problem, not either the swim …. Because I always( during wintertime) swim indoors in a heated pool!
The kayaing it´s hard because of the ice om the lakes. But we also have this machine indoors for paddling so it´s work good to!

The picture is taken today outside our house

In less than three weeks, 3rd of March I will compete in Abu dhabi triathlon (2km swim, 200km bike, 20 km run) so right now I training really hard for the race.
The training is going to well and feels really good in spite of the Swedish winter. ;-)

And it will be really fun to compete in triathlon again! Last race was in September!

Last but not least
Happy Valentine’s Day


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