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Still ranked nr:1 in the World

Monday, July 28th, 2014


Caroline Holmqvist won Åre Extreme Challenge

Sunday, July 27th, 2014





Caroline are new in the team and it couln´t start better. Victory in classic Åre Extreme Challenge.. Next race for Caroline in the team is Storockholm Extreme..


Victory in Pengzhou Mountain Outdoor Challenge

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

We managed to win the final stage today by 2.3 seconds. After a crazy downhill sprint for about 3km running, on single tracks and partly trackless rain forest. We caught up with Team NZ Adventure on top of a mountain, they had put a gap on us during cycling as we stopped for water which might have been decisive for today as it was super hot. In the end we won by over 23min to them. We see this as our best performance so far in stage racing. There is most likely no other team as Good as this: dual Coast To Coast champion from this year (solo World Championships in multsport) (Jess Simson and Braden Currie) and the other two (Dougal Allen and Brad’s brother Glen) also very deserving. We have long dreamed that we will be able to beat the best in the world also in stage racing and just today we did it….just.
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Victory Day 1, Pengzhou Mountain Outdoor Challenge

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

We had a good day today and won first stage. 12 minuts before team Redbull China and 26minuts before team NZ Adventure, the winner of Wenzhou Adventure Challenge.








The Pengzhou Mountain Outdoor Challenge starts tomorrow 28/5

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

We are now ready for annother race in China. We all teams starts tomorrow 28% -2014 with 10km Inlines -31km MTB – 19km run – ropeworks – OL

The Leye Baise International Outdoor Quest

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

After the Wenzhou Adventure Challenge the team had some days free before day started in the next big race in China, The Leye Baise Outdoor Quest.
They also had tp movie from Wenzhou to Leye, China.
The team was the same as in Wenzhou, Martin Flinta, Myriam Guillor, Jackt Boisset and Marcel Hagener.

They had a better race overall and the won all three days stages and of course also the total! For the third year in a row!















Read more about the race on:





The Wenzhou Adventure Challenge

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

The first race in China for the year.

In Thule Adventure Team: Martin Flinta (team captain), Myriam Guillot, Jacky Boisset and Marcel Hagener.

The team finished in 3rd place in the total, after been 6th day 1, 3rd day2, and 1st day 3 and 4.

And a great movie from Wenzhou


Seasons starts with Wenzhou Outdoor Challenge in China tomorrow!

Friday, April 11th, 2014

China organize around 4 of the 5 best Adventure multisport team race in the world, if you ask us and many other top teams. Tomorrow starts the season this year again with Wenzhou Adventure Challenge. This year with 4 persons teams. We are going to have a hard battle with some of the best teams in the world, for 4 days. And it will be awesome. Legendary course designer Wei Jun make us never disappointed. He just make more and more wild and crazy hard courses in the wilderness, year after year. He always found new trails and creeks and rivers, and it will also be a lot of fun and absolutely beautiful and interesting place we pass when we run, bike and kayak. And this year also with inline skating. Please follow our updates on our facebook: , in you want some true inspiration!

Photos from Wenzhou last year:

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Our race schedule for 2014

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Here is our race calender for 2014:


11-14 April. Wenzhou Adventure Challenge, China. Team members: Martin, Jacky, Mimi and Marcel Hagener


22-24 April, Baise Outdoor Challenge, China, Team Members: Martin, Jacky, Mimi and Marcel Hagener


28-30 May, Penzhou Adventure Challenge, China, Team Members: Martin, Jacky, Mimi and Marcel Hagener


30 May, Race Of Champs, Falun, Sweden,  Per + ?


14 Juni, Swedish Cup, team members: Martin and Per


3-6, July, Raid Aran, Spain . Team Members: Martin, Per + 2 more


12 July, Outdoor Show Freidrichshafen + a trailrunning race, Germany


13 July, X-terra Sweden, Martin


10 Augusti: AIM Discovery Channel Challenge, Lindvallen, Sweden.


16 August: Ten Island Race, Sweden. Per and Martin (maybe not)


23-26 August, Wulong Mt Quest, China, Team Members: Martin, Jacky, Mimi and Marcel Hagener


30 August, Stockholm Extreme


4 Oktober, Raid Uppsala Sweden


26 October, X-terra World Championship, Hawaii (Martin, maybe)


1-7 November, Altitude Camp, Ecuador


7-15 November, AR World Championship: Team Members: Martin, Jacky, Mimi and Per Vestling

New Multisport Challenge in Gothenburg City

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Next weekend can you try multisport in Gothenburg City! Nordic Outdoor multisport challenge, 23 Mars. It´s a super-sprint race, with 6km trailrun – 4km kayak – 6km MTB. Welcome, and good luck to beat our captain!