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Wulong Mountain Quest – Stage 2

Friday, September 6th, 2013
Report Stage 2 – By Martin Flinta The fog covered the steep mountain closures when stage 2 of Wulong Mountain Quest started today with a 20 km kayak section. All teams started at the same time and we got off very good and advanced to a front position of the pack with Team Toread Redbull & Australian Team Peak Adventure. Just a couple of kilometers after the start Peak Adventure didn’t keep up with us and Team Toread Redbull. Halfway into this section Toread Redbull made a breakaway that we didn’t had the power to match. We managed to keep a good pace thru the kayaking and had only 2 minutes up to Toread Redbull and way back to the next team at TA1. The following trailrunning section over 10 km contained over 1000 positive meters of altitude. The course was very exposed with 600 meter cliffsides. We found a good pace and kept a good flow thru this section but at the end Jacky’s energy levels where dropping so we had to help him with towing lines,  and with a good teamwork we managed not to loose the distance to Toread Redbull in the front. At TA2 we had a well deserved 15 min mandatory rest and we got the information that we very only 3 min behind leading Toread Redbull and 8 min (!) to the nearest team behind us. The first couple of kilometers was going very well on the mountainbike section, but pretty fast Jacky was getting tired again. With towing lines and a very good teamwork again we managed to keep a good pace and not loose that much time on leading Toread Redbull. The following sections contained a rope skill section followed by a 300 meter swim and a 2-3 km long rafting section. We ended stage 2 very good and is just 9 minutes behind Team Toread Redbull at the finishline. Photo credits: Sylvain Boisset A Sylvain Boisset movie from Stage 2: Total standings after Stage 2: 1. Team Toread Redbull 2. Thule Adventure Team, + ca: 14 min 3. Team Silva Haglöfs, + ca 25 min (on the team infront) We shall do what we can tomorrow to close the gap to leading Team Toread Redbull!

Martin won Stockholm Kanotmarathon RAW

Saturday, June 15th, 2013
Togheter with Caroline Holmqvist. They was also the only who was able to reach the finishline, in the very hard wind. The day before was Martin 5th at Swedish Duathlon Championship.

Race report Baise Outdoor Quest Friday April 26th

Friday, April 26th, 2013
International Thule Adventure Team (Swedish/French/NZL) wins the short first stage, 8 minutes before Team FJS (Swe) and 14 minutes ahead of Team Moxie Gear (Aus). The Baise Outdoor Quest, held in Baise, Guangxi, South China, started Friday April 26th with a prologue: 3K running in stairs with 200m positive climb + 70 minutes MTB + 70 minutes running (including 3K cave running) + 2 rope sections (abseil with via ferrata & river crossing). – It went well today and me managed to win the first stage, said Thule’s team captain Martin Flinta. We were in the front of the pack and had a great teamwork all day. Team FJS (Parachute Ranger School) were as close as 15 seconds behind us during the bike section when we had to stop and tighten a saddle. But during the last trail running section we widened the gap with a few minutes. For the last 3 Km technical caving section we chosed to bring heavier and stronger headlamps, which helped us keeping up the speed. Results for the top-6 teams Day 1. 1.     Team No.1 Thule Adventure Team 3:40:28 2.     Team No.6 FJS 3:48:53 3.     Team No.3 Moxie Gear 3:54:01 4.     Team No.4 Peak Adventure 4:06:17 5.     Team No.12 Team Red Bull 4:13:35 6.     Team No.7 Team Merrell 4:30:03 The Baise Leye Outdoor Quest, held in Baise, Guangxi, South China (April 26-28) is a multisport race for teams of 4 with 3 daily stages with an estimated winning time of approx 20 hours. Disciplines: Mountainbiking, adventure running, kayaking, caving, rope activities, rafting, GPS orienteering.

Adventure sports big business in China

Thursday, April 25th, 2013
By Fredrik Ölmqvist The Baise Outdoor Quest, held in Baise, Guangxi, South China, this weekend (April 26-28) is a multisport race for teams of 4 with 3 daily stages with an estimated winning time of approx 20 hours. But an outdoor sports event like this is much more than just a race. Multisport races are hugely popular in China, with a cheering crowd, spectacular opening and closing ceremonies, and daily TV coverage. They also attract the best international multisport teams thanks to a highly competitive field, significant prize money (paid cash on location), good race organisation, affordable entry fees and a stunning nature. – These races are usually sponsored by the government for marketing purposes: to show the potential for outdoor sports and outdoor activities in the region – primarly for its own inhabitants, since the current infrastructure isn’t built for more cars or excessive travelling. Multisport races also receives government funding to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, says Martin Flinta, team captain of Thule Adventure Team defending champions in Baise Outdoor Quest, a multisport race for teams of 4 this weekend (April 26-28), taking place in the Guangxi region in southern China. The new middle class in China continue to swell. More people, especially consumers with a high level income, have time and money for outdoor adventure activities. Leisure sports like running, trekking and mountainbiking thus have become ”filters” for companies trying to target certain consumer groups. Also the number of Chinese competing in adventure sporting events has been growing rapidly in recent years, and considering the numbers of consumers we’re talking about we can probably expect even more from the Chinese multisport races in the future.

ARWC 2012 © Andreas Strand

– Usually the Chinese races are dominated by international professional teams, but Chinese teams are getting better every year. They are veryfast runners but fall short in the paddling. This kind of multisport race also has many tactical elements, says Martin Flinta, a five-time Swedish multisport champion and world champion adventure racer. – Recovery is very important. Therefore you need to hold yourself back and not burn out. You also want to avoid accidents and have a safe race. With the right bike gear you can avoid flat tire and you need to know how to eat and drink, especially when it’s hot and humid. And of course avoid potential stomach bugs. Baise Outdoor Quest 2013 will start Friday 26th with a prologue: 3K running in stairs with 200m positive climb + 70 minutes MTB + 70 minutes running (including 3K cave running) + 2 rope sections (abseil with via ferrata & river crossing).

ARWC 2012 © Andreas Strand

Teams we will have to look out for, according to Martin Flinta, are two strong aussie teams, Team Redbull and Team FJS. – We are prepared for a tough race, but also a bit concerned about our teammate Marcel Hageners injured calf, writes Martin in a message after the race briefing on Thursday. More race info: Total prize money to the 12 top teams: 250000 RMB (€30000), winning team gets 60000 RMB (€7500). (Note. these figures are from 2011) Disciplines: Mountainbiking, adventure running, kayaking, caving, rope activities, rafting, GPS orienteering etc.

ARWC 2012 – Race briefing

Thursday, September 13th, 2012
Today there has been a race briefing in city hall in the town of L’Arentiere-La-Besse. The race profile and a specifications and estimated time table where distributed when the teams entered the room. The tension was palpable as the teams carefully studied the information.

The opening ceremonies will take place afterwards the breifing and then the race starts tomorrow, Friday the 14th with a prologue in the village which will determine the order in which the teams will start the race on Saturday.
The first 3 sections of the race contains over 72km trek and 24km bike with many vertical meters! Stay tuned for the latest updates from Thule Adventure Team!

Ordos Adventure Challenge Day 1

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
A first limited report from China and Ordos Adventure Challenge just arrvied by SMS from Martin located somewhere in the Inner Mongolian desert. “We finished the last stage at day 1 at the same time as New Zeeland teams Adventure Sport NZ & Team Seagate. The first stage started with a pursuit start with 1 minute between teams, we had start number 5 and Seagate and Adventure Sport NZ had start number 1 and 3 which means that we started 5 respectively 2 minutes behind. The finnish team did good behind us. We hope that we can push hard on the long desert running (35km) tomorrow. The race is located at Ordos City in Inner Mongolian, the race consists of 5 stages over 5 days. Day 1: 60km kayaking, 22km MTB, 18km desert running Day 2: 35km desert running Day 3: 5km horse riding biathlon, 95km MTB, 5km running Day 4: 19km canyon run, rope skill, 43km MTB, 20km kayaking Day 5: 20km MTB, 5km kayaking, 3km city running
Stay tuned for more reports. /Fredrik

Baise Outdoor Quest

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
The team are in China preparing for the Baise Outdoor Quest which starts tomorrow. On the first day Martin,Jacky,Mimi & Marcel will face : Stage 1: 1. Running 6.5km + adventure skills ( estimated fastest time 45min ) 2. MTB 27km with a elevation of 2000meters ( estimated fastest time 120min ) 3. Running 1.5km, 100meter of elevation (estmiated fastest time 7min ) 4. Rest station, 15minutes (minimum time) 5. Running 15km, 1200meter of elevation ( estimated fastest time 120min ) 6. Adventure skills, 2km (estimated fastest time 20min)

2nd place Kristinehamn, multisport cup

Sunday, September 18th, 2011
With Martin injured (broken rib) and Andreas injured to, Jens Thorild joined Per Vestling for the day. That was important because we needed point for the total standing in the Swedish multisport cup. A second place here was good, because we can still win the cup. We just need to win, or take place just after team Axa (if they don´t win) next time in Gothenburg 1st of October. Who also is the last race in the cup, 2011. Stages: stage 1. Orientering – ca 6 km stage 2. kayaking, K1 – ca 3 km stage 3. Orientering – 8 km, stage 4. kayaking K1 – ca 9 km stages 5. Mountainbike (no orienteering) – ca 1h.

Day 2, Mimi 3th in China Xinjiang International Desert Cross Country Race

Sunday, September 18th, 2011
Day 2 was 30km technical and very sandy trailrun, individual. 9 Chinese elite trailrunners was just flying away, behind was Richard, Per and Martin chasing them. But Richard was strongest, and Per was very strong to, Martin was good to, but crashed bad and broke his rib after 1.5h and lost some extra time Results: 1-9. Chinese worldclass elite trailrunners 10. Richard Ussher, time: 2.01.34 12. Per Vestling: 2.03.07 16. Martin Flinta. 2.07.02 (with a crash and a broken rib, last part) 18. Trevis Voiche. 2.09.37 19. Marcel Hagener. 2.09.43 28. Dougal Allen: 2.17.42 30. Nathan Favee, 2:19.34 Jacky Boisset DNF ( because of a broken rib that he got during the race in Wulong) Womens race: In the womens race was Mimi absolutly amazing and was only a 1-2 minuts behind the best Chinese girls. 1-2 Chinese elite worldclass Trailrunners 3. Myriam “Mimi” Guillot, time: 2.20.23 Elina Ussher DNF Fleur Lattimore DNF

Day 1, China Xinjiang International Desert Cross Country Race

Sunday, September 18th, 2011
Team race Martin and Per competed in Male category and Jacky and Mimi in mixed category. 27km very soft and sandy desert running race with a strong headwind. In mixed catergory was the Chinese team dominating. But Thule Adventure Team with Jacky and Mimi was fast and beat the two top teams from Wulong, results: 1. Elite Chinese trailrunning team, time: 2:02 2. Elite Chinese trailrunning team, time: 2:08 3. Elite Chinese trailrunning team, time: 2:09 4. Thule Adventure Team, time 2.12 (Jacky Boisset and Myriam”Mimi” Guillot) 5. Team Toread, Marcel Hagener and Fleur Lattimore (3th Wulong 2011) 6. Team Championsystem, Richard and Elina Ussher (winner of Wulong 2011) Male category: 1-6 Chine: Elite Chinese trailrunning team 7. Thule Adventure Team, Martin and Per, time: 2.06 . . . 11 Team Championsystem, Nathan Favee and Trevis Voiche (winner of Wulong 2011). time: 2.18 Good revanch after Wulong, where our stomage problems was a big problem..